5 Brands that dare to change

Yes, social businesses are pretty cool and are no longer niche phenomena. After all, earning money and doing good at the same time is no longer mutually exclusive. In fact, it has almost become a matter of course in recent years. We think that's great! Because we are excited about so many concepts out there, here are five sustainable labels we have selected that are already making the world a better place:

Those who unfuck the industry 

With the slogan "The earth is a sheath", the self-proclaimed unicorns have finally catapulted themselves into our hearts (and bedrooms): Because the Berlin start-up has not only made a name for itself with sustainable, vegan condoms in recent years, but also with their recently launched period products. We work according to the "fairstainability" principle, a successful mixture of fair and sustainable production. And we? From now on we will grab the right condoms and #makethemagichappen. 

Do epic shit 

They are part of the Viva con Agua cosmos, with whom one particularly enjoys doing business: the Goldeimer team . With its 100% recycled paper, the social business not only takes care of the daily large and small business, but above all global sanitation projects. True to the motto "Everyone for toilets" and "Toilets for everyone", every purchase supports the project work of Welthungerhilfe, which in cooperation with Viva con Agua gives people worldwide access to toilets, water and soap. 

 Support your local tampon dealer 

Did you know that tampon manufacturers do not have to state on the packaging what ingredients are in their tampons? The Female Company from Berlin sets an example with their organic tampons and only uses organically grown cotton free of chemicals and pesticides. On top of that, the whole thing is also available as a monthly subscription - anyone who takes out one automatically finances the donation of organic panty liners and pads to socially disadvantaged women. Runs with them! 

Because work is not a job 

Looking for a job with meaning? Then we can confidently recommend the GoodJobs platform! The team at the Berlin start-up curates all submitted jobs according to a specific catalog of criteria, such as sustainable corporate goals and an appreciative corporate culture, thereby bringing together what belongs together: good people and good companies! 

Food movement 

Our friends from Lycka are committed to a world without hunger : The Hamburg-based label produces 100% natural, sustainable organic food and not only fills our stomachs, but also our hearts - because a fixed cent amount goes to Welthungerhilfe from every product sold , with the help of which a child can be given a school meal and the prospect of a better education.

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