6 eco-friendly ways to keep you cool

Because drinking helps. 

Our friends from Lemonaid prove that drinking helps: because their new ginger lemonade not only cools you from the inside on hot days - every bottle sold also supports social projects in the countries where the respective ingredients are grown. Everything organic, everything fair, everything cool. 

Sweat baby sweat. 

First of all: we all sweat. And sweating is not only healthy, it also makes you beautiful! Because sweat transports toxins to the surface of the skin, which has a positive effect on the organism, metabolism and complexion. So wet, so good. In order to get through the hot days without odor, sweat stains and the like, we recommend the vegan deodorant cream from Greendoor . Free of aluminum and alcohol, this deodorant based on purely natural ingredients is caring and effective at the same time. 

I can see through my seagrass. 

Making sunglasses out of seaweed? Why not! At least that's what the colleagues at Phee thought, and they've been making beautiful sunglasses from Greek seagrass, walnut wood and more ever since. This ensures a permanent sea breeze on your face and gives you a feeling of vacation all summer long - just put them on in the office and close your eyes. 

Your eco-friendly best friend. 

Whether it's the nearest café with fair coffee, the vegan restaurant around the corner or the nearest bike-sharing station - the Green City Guides offer answers to sustainable questions on your next city trip. The guides from the non-profit association Reflecta are currently leading visitors through the cities of Mainz, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Cologne, helping them to organize their summer holidays in a sustainable way. 

Protect your skin with nature. 

Even when it comes to sun protection, you don't have to do without natural cosmetics. Because the 100% natural eco cosmetics Surf and Fun sunscreen offers natural, mineral protection - whether on land or in the water. 

Don't stop traveling this summer. Just... 

STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME!. That's a reminder of the five small, refillable, travel-size bottles in our All Natural Travel Kit . They accompany us throughout the summer and thus help to carry the appeal to save water out into the world. 

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