Inspired by light

This week's inspiration: Light. We have put together the best and most inspiring articles for you:

Powered by plants. 

Living light as a revolutionary development: The "Living Lights" designer Ermi van Oers uses plants as mini power plants that are operated with the help of their natural photosynthesis. A look at the lighting systems of the future.  

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Why your WHY is so important. 

What do Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs or the Wright brothers have in common? They know their WHY - their motivation, their drive, their inspiration. According to Sinek's "The Golden Circle", the question of why is the all-important question for personalities and companies. His thesis: “People don't buy what you do. They buy why you do it".  

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Is your life boring? Congrats! 

Good news: According to neuroscientific findings, boredom is the key to brilliance. Studies show that monotonous, undemanding work and periods of rest unnoticed stimulate our synapses to experiment. The result: creativity. An ode to boredom.  

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6 minutes, 5 seconds. 

That's exactly how long one of the most impressive short films of recent years lasts. With "The Dark Side of the Lens" cinematographer and adventurer Mickey Smith offers a look through his lens. What we see: the multi-faceted, rough Irish Sea. And a human whose element is right there: In the icy-breaking waves of the Celtic Sea.  

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