Interview with Jacko Wusch

Brrrrrr, as much as we love vlogger and jewelery designer Jacko Wusch, after our last meeting she got chills down her spine: Because as part of her “Cold Shower Challenge” in 2019, we were allowed to hop under the shower with the Berliner-by-choice and show them how that cold showers not only help to save water and energy, but also boost blood circulation (by the way, our friends from Vegan is Unhealthy then also tried the challenge). In our interview you can read why activism is more important than ever for Jacko and what the likeable podcaster is committed to.


Name: Jacko
Age: 32 years
Profession: Entrepreneur
Residence: Berlin
Zodiac sign: Cancer 

As always, let's start with a few warm-up questions:

Warm or cold shower? 

cold shower 

Offline or online demo? 

Hard to say. I would say you need both. 

Protest shirt or protest sign? 

Always shirt. Don't have to hold 

lake or sea? 


What does activism mean to you personally? 

I'm always so reluctant to say I'm "against" (although of course I'm always against when I'm for something, but I do better at my job when I put the focus on the opposite side). That's why I like to say that I'm "for" something. My very personal activism is the belief and hope in a world that is fairer and more differentiated. I believe that many of the things we protest against have so far failed due to a lack of education. Sometimes based on information, but often also based on emotions. I see it as a bit of a responsibility to take people with me on these emotional journeys. We all know that high CO2 consumption or factory farming sucks (at least in my bubble). However, we don't only see disinterested behavior in people who could or would like to be labeled simply "reckless" or, in the worst case, "evil". We also see it in our friends, in our family, in colleagues and ultimately in ourselves. My personal activism consists of understanding and rethinking these emotional processes and taking people with me on this journey. Activism is the pursuit of a goal through active action. This is my way of becoming active: creating understanding (for the matter itself, but also for oneself) and breaking down defiance here. I try to get people to change something “willingly and voluntarily” and above all for themselves (!), not because “you have to do it now”. This is of course not the panacea. We need many different kinds of activism for many different people to advance a good cause :) 

How do you live out your activism – online and offline? 

I live my activism by first observing my own path and examining my thoughts. I've often gotten upset myself in the past about language gendering, flight shaming, or banned words. I often defend myself when I don't understand something and someone imposes a restriction or new rule on me. I don't want to be restricted in my freedom. And honestly? I think that's part of it too. Nobody likes to be the victim of imposed laws. After that, however, an inner process often begins. I inform myself, I listen, I let it work in me. Sometimes (rarely) my initial opinion is confirmed, often (mostly) I begin to understand. Through empathy and through education. It goes so far that I like to change something because I want to do it myself and not because someone is pointing their index finger in my face. I share these processes. I share great content from other activists that I find smart and catchy. I share my processes or talk about taboo topics that I have experienced myself. Offline, I represent my point of view on topics that arise and explain how I came to this (eg new) opinion or change in behavior. And I tell people how I enjoyed it. Because minimalism or veganism can also be a "selfish" enrichment and does not have to be an imposed law 

Do you think humanity is already activist enough? 

I think we're on the right track - and I trust that. 

Who is your biggest activist role model? Who would you like to have ice cream with? 

I think you would classify her as a comedian, but I'd like to have ice cream with Sarah Silverman. In her podcast she explains so lovingly about many topics that I am always impressed and get new impulses. Otherwise, I would choose an ice sheet for all my friends who, in their own way, make the world a better place. 

You are a podcaster, jewelery designer, active on YouTube and Instagram - what would you like to change with your projects? 

I want people to feel better. I believe that a happier, more empowered person can (and wants to) make the world a better place. Many of us here are in a privileged position (in terms of living standards) to do a lot of good and make a difference. We have so much power, but we don't feel it. Many of us are unhappy and squeeze into social roles and jobs that make us unhappy. In this tour de force, there is often no energy left for activism and change. I would like to help solve such problems so that there is energy left for the important things. It sounds so spiritual as fuck, but I believe that happiness can come from love and not from defiance, ignorance, anger or because you want to protect yourself. 

Due to the pandemic, major events and protests on the streets are currently not possible or only possible to a very limited extent. What advice do you have for your community on how to get active and loud anyway? 

Anyone can start their own page (Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Tiktok) these days and talk about anything they want. Also, I always say that “exemplification” has activism in it. Enlightenment in one's own life is always great. What's the point if we share every meme but can't explain to our grandma or aunt at Christmas why we shouldn't say the N-word or why we shouldn't eat the roast. This is of course not a call to cause trouble at Christmas, but there is also non-violent communication ;) 

Our topic is in particular the protection of our valuable resource water. What does water mean to you? 

Well, since you've already asked me about my zodiac sign (and I half believe it ;D): water means a lot to me. When I'm in the water, I'm happy. No matter how, where and when. Water is life. In order to survive, water comes directly after breathing. And that's exactly why we have to deal with this resource more responsibly than with many other things. Apart from that, every living being in the world should have the right to unrestricted access to water. 

In your opinion, is there enough talk about water conservation? 

No. How do I notice that? I don't know enough myself just thinking about it. And education is absolutely necessary here, which you already bring with you. For example, with the question of where we can best protect water. In the past I would only have thought about my shower, but the topic is so much more complex - if we only think about the water consumption of a t-shirt or a beef burger. 

Which podcast (besides yours) should we all know and listen to? 

Personally, I'm currently listening to the podcast by Sarah Silverman and "me-time" by Ines Anioli. But there are so many great podcasts worth listening to that I don't even know where to start. 

What question should we have asked you? 

Perhaps which topics I particularly like to work on and which ones I often get stuck on. For example, socially emotional topics (feminism, racism, veganism) are a little easier for me than environmental protection. Simply because I'm better at the former and understand emotional connections better than, for example, ecological ones. We are all different and have different strengths and weaknesses. This is often forgotten and the same is expected of everyone. But for this point I had to think long and hard. Your questions were great! 

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