The world is drowning in fashion

Do you know how much water hangs in your closet? On average, a single T-shirt contains up to 2,700 liters of water, and a sweater even up to 8,000. If you do the math, you can easily end up with up to 250,000 liters of water in the middle of your own closet.

Fashion and Water - It's complicated 

The relationship status of fashion and water: it's complicated. The textile industry worldwide uses 5,464 million m³ of water every year for the production of cotton alone. That's roughly twice the volume of water in Kenya's Lake Victoria, the third largest lake in the world. In addition to the high water consumption, there is also the problem of pollution: According to Greenpeace, around 1.7 million tons of chemicals are used worldwide every year just for washing and dyeing textiles. Some of the pollutants get into the groundwater unfiltered - according to the UN, up to 80% of the world's wastewater is released into nature untreated - making it undrinkable. Once released, the chemicals also remain in the air and thus also enter the human organism. A cycle that not only harms one of our most valuable resources, but above all ourselves. 

Fast Fashion vs. Fashion Revolution 

The world seems to be drowning in fashion: According to the documentary "True Costs", 80 billion pieces of clothing are produced every year - and the trend is rising. Nevertheless, on average three out of four pieces of clothing end up in landfills, and only one in four is recycled. And yet the fashion industry is now seething. The course is set for activism and change: fair before unfair, long-lived before short-lived, resource-saving instead of exploitative. Green fashion brands, ideas like "slow fashion" and "borrow instead of buy" are en vogue and even market leaders are discovering innovative concepts like "cradle-to-cradle" and Co. for themselves. Non-toxic, smart, resource-saving and fair production is back in fashion - and we are part of this movement. With our first resource-saving capsule collection, we show how beautiful and wearable such a step into a more sustainable, changed world of fashion can be.

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