our mission

In 2011 we started with a clear message on each of our products: STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! . Why? Because we have recognized that water as a basis of life must be protected. A decade later, our mission " SAVE, PROTECT, DONATE WATER " is more relevant than ever. Images of plastic-polluted seas and dried-up rivers are omnipresent. We were able to attract a lot of attention with our brand message. It is even more important to take our far-reaching responsibility as a company seriously. Because we don't just want to save, protect and donate water . For us, sustainability is a holistic topic that starts with the ingredients and ends with the disposal of our product packaging. STOP. THINK. CHANGE . This creed applies to all of us. We invite you to join us on this journey.

our ingredients

Since the beginning we have relied on natural cosmetics and the use of the best possible ingredients. Naturalness, biodegradability and not testing on animals are a matter of course for us. That is why we have decided to have our entire range certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standard by 2024. Today, 58 percent of our cosmetics range already bears the recognized seal of approval for natural cosmetics. Because what is good for you is also good for the ecosystem and water system. And less (almost always) more.

  • 100% nature-based

    We only use ingredients of natural origin

  • biodegradable

    Our products leave no negative residue in the environment

  • no animal testing

    Our products are not tested on animals

our packaging

When it comes to our products, it's not just the inner values ​​that count. Developing the right packaging is at least as important. It should protect the valuable formulations and at the same time harm the environment as little as possible. In order to get as close as possible to this goal, we follow the "5R strategy": rethink, reduce, recycled, refill, recycable . In this way, we were able to achieve that 76 percent of our packaging components are already recyclable and that there are refill solutions for 21 out of 25 products. We shook up the hotel industry back in 2012 and introduced the refill concept to the hotel market for the first time. Since autumn 2022, our pump dispenser bottle bodies have been made from 100% European waste plastic .

  • rethink

    We question the status quo and check potential for improvement

  • reduce

    We are constantly reducing our use of materials

  • recycled

    We give old plastic a new life

  • refill

    We design our products to be refillable

  • recyclable

    We use recyclable materials

our climate activities

As a climate-conscious company, we are constantly working to minimize our own emissions. To do this, we calculated the CO₂e footprint of our company and each individual product from raw material extraction, production, storage, transport to disposal at the end of the life cycle. For us, the following always applies: First avoid , then reduce and compensate for currently unavoidable emissions . We have laid the foundation for this by manufacturing our cosmetic products in Germany and Austria. And we are in the process of continually reducing our emissions. You can find out more about offsetting in an interview with ClimatePartner.

  • footprint created

    We have been calculating our CO2e emissions since 2020

  • emissions reduced

    Lower output through packaging change & reduction of transport routes

  • CO₂e compensated

    We offset our emissions with certified projects

our social commitment

We want to preserve water as a valuable resource. Just turn on the tap to shower or drink? This is unthinkable for millions of people. With our “ Good Water Projects ” we have been committed to global access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene since 2014. Because water is a human right . With our monetary donations, the project partners were able to build wells, open water kiosks and set up fog nets. And that is just the beginning.

Image: Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli eV

  • since 2014

    We support effective projects worldwide

  • Donate

    Annually 1% of the net turnover flows into the projects

  • 5 partners

    Worldwide implementation with recognized organizations

the trip goes on

We are not perfect and are constantly working on getting better. Here you can always find out the current status and where we are moving. Do you have any questions, requests or ideas? Contact our team anytime at: hello@stopthewater.com