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naturally. effective.

A handful of products - that's all you need for effective skincare that does good every day. That's why we have developed a facial care line that takes care of the needs of every skin without frills and covers the entire care routine . Vegetable organic oils and functional active ingredients such as hyaluronic acids support your skin with the highest performance !

✓ highly effective ingredients from nature
✓ Vegan
✓ unisex
✓ 100% of natural origin
✓ Biodegradable

Your new -- care routine


35 days
trial care

We are so confident in our products that we will give you your money back if there is no noticeable improvement in your skin condition. For this reason we offer you 35 days of trial care . You can find all general conditions in our terms and conditions.

✓ 100% Money Back Guarantee

✓ Proven increase in skin moisture

✓ clinically tested very good skin compatibility



Skincare MinisSkincare--Minis

The set for on the go or to test for the daily skincare routine with four vegan care products in travel size with Face Cleansing Bar, Detox Face Mask, Rich Face Cream and Light Face Cream. Cleanses, detoxifies and soothes the skin, smoothes fine lines and provides long-lasting moisture.

Contains 3x 10ml and 1x 8g 

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Each of our four skincare products contains kale and parsley herb extracts. Why? Because kale and parsley are not only regional superfoods in the kitchen. Kale contains a variety of vitamins and minerals and boosts the skin's own collagen production. Known for its revitalizing effect, it has a moisturizing, detoxifying and pore-cleansing effect. Thanks to its antioxidant and soothing properties, parsley leaves are particularly suitable for stressed and irritated skin. They improve wound healing and clarify the complexion.

use it. love it. refill it.

If you want to reduce waste, you have to refill . That's why we use a refill system for our natural cosmetics. Depending on the refill size, up to 80% plastic can be saved . In doing so, we not only contribute to the protection of resources and our bodies of water , but also noticeably reduce our CO2 emissions. We are constantly working to make our products even more sustainable and to develop resource-saving alternatives.

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About Us

Water is the source of all life. That's why we want to save, protect and donate our precious resource. Our lovingly designed products are your daily reminder to use our valuable resource carefully. Its 100% biodegradable and nature-based ingredients protect your skin and do not harm the environment or the water cycle. With our specially founded initiative GOOD WATER PROJECTS, we are committed to water protection and the fair distribution of our resources worldwide. Every purchase supports a drinking water project.


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