Face Cleansing Bar Parsley Kale
Face Cleansing Bar

With white clay and gentle coconut surfactants , this vegan, waterless facial cleanser gently removes dirt and make-up , unclogs the pores and moisturizes with organic safflower oil and coconut oil Humidity.
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Conventional liquid products contain up to 80% water. The ingredients in our Waterless Bars do not require any of our valuable resources. The vegan, firm Face Cleansing Bar gently cleanses the facial skin with white clay and gentle coconut surfactants, removes dirt and make-up and unclogs the pores. Thanks to organic coconut oil, organic safflower oil and organic shea butter, it moisturizes and leaves the skin soft and cared for.

The Parsley Kale Face Cleansing Bar is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Use the facial cleansing for daily care in the morning and in the evening. Lather up the Parsley Kale Face Cleansing Bar with water and massage into damp facial skin in circular movements. Then remove with water or a damp cloth. Avoid eye area. Allow to dry well after use and store in a dry place. Our plastic-free 3-in-1 soap box made from sugar cane is ideal for this. For even more nourished skin, we recommend using our matching refillable Parsley Kale Light or Rich Face Cream afterwards.

Biodegradable ingredients of 100% natural origin not only protect your skin, but also our valuable water resource. The Waterless Bar is packaged plastic-free in recyclable paper.

Due to their antioxidant and soothing properties, parsley leaves are particularly suitable for stressed and irritated skin. They are known for their astringent, clarifying and cleansing effects and are also considered to be particularly effective on oily skin. The mineral clay is known for its gently cleansing and at the same time smoothing effect and is used in particular to care for sensitive, irritated, dry or aging skin. Thanks to its high silicon dioxide content, it also has an effective detoxifying effect on the skin.

coconut surfactant
fatty alcohol
organic coconut oil*
organic sunflower oil*
organic safflower oil*
tapioca starch
organic shea butter*
fatty acid esters
Kale Extract
parsley herb extract
fatty acid glycerides
amino acid surfactant
citric acid
Organic Sunflower Oil
essential oils

100% ingredients of natural origin calculated according to ISO 16128

Sodium Coco-sulfate (Plant), Cetearyl Alcohol (Plant), Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Kaolin (Mineral), Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil*, Tapioca Starch (Plant) , Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter*, Caprylic/capric Triglyceride (Plant), Brassica Oleracea Acephala (Kale) Leaf Extract, Petroselinum Crispum (Parsley) Extract, Pca Glyceryl Oleate (Plant), Glyceryl Caprylate (Plant), Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate ( Plant), Citric Acid (Plant), Parfum (Fragrance) (Plant)**, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Linalool (Plant)**
* Ingredients from certified organic agriculture.
** Part of perfume oil. Our perfume oils are made of 100% natural essential oils.
All ingredients biodegradable.

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Annemone Helmö

Produkte sehr hochwertig. Vor allem der Slogan ist aufrüttelnd für alle Lang- Duscher!

Frauke Mittendorf
Top 👍🏻

Tolle Produkte, die angenehm und natürlich riechen und gut anzuwenden sind. Die Gesichtsseife hat meiner Haut richtig gut getan.

Ida Ruediger

Super wie immer 😍

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Water is the source of all life. That's why we want to save, protect and donate our precious resource. Our lovingly designed products are your daily reminder to use our valuable resource carefully. Its 100% biodegradable and nature-based ingredients protect your skin and do not harm the environment or the water cycle. With our specially founded initiative GOOD WATER PROJECTS, we are committed to water protection and the fair distribution of our resources worldwide. Every purchase supports a drinking water project. Learn more.

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